Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost?

Price varies depending on the type of product, size of the job, and whether you are replacing just one window or completing an entire exterior renovation/new project encompassing windows, doors and Retracting/disappearing screen options

How long does it take?

Projects can take one half day to month's depending on complexity and scope. We recommend our customers allow the time it takes to make educated decisions regardless of size and scope of project. You can find out how long your project might take by inviting us to provide a quotation or ask for a consultation appointment.

Can renovations be done throughout the year?

Installations can take place throughout the year with exceptions in installations for the extremes in any season. We consider our peoples working conditions, your homes & product to maintain good working conditions for all. The most popular time to renovate is in the spring, summer and fall but winter works well for best availability of good trades as well as dryer conditions.

What benefits will I receive from the renovation?

Your finished project done per your design and criteria submitted. Manufactures warranties to support the products and GNT Service Pro's availability to procure parts and services to support your projects longevity. We find ourselves able to procure repair parts to service and maintain products after 20 years of sale which only comes from being discerning in who we have to supply our products. There are very few Manufactures who are able to fulfill this criteria.

What standards do your products meet?

All of our standard products are nationally certified in Canada and America for energy and structural and we have products for most any Energy Star Zone you may find yourself in.. Once we know your project requirements we take pride in matching your needs.

What about custom (bespoke) work?

Custom options/details and work is what GNT has been most known for. These capabilities do not necessarily create increased product costs in proportion to your projects design. GNT is pleased to accommodate visionaries of the customer, designer, and Architects who will not settle for mediocrity. GNT will go to great lengths to search for solutions available from more than one Manufacturer to enable us to present a solution for any projects design, function. Please ask us about this when you're considering custom work. It is most critical to match the installer to the project. We have many qualified installers available as well as a list of good Contractors, Architects and Designers.