GNT Retractable Screens

GNT is committed to providing you with the best retracting screen products. We took care in selecting a vendor who will provide great design, and more options as standard features in Screen product as we have done in our other products we offer. We service Winnipeg, Rural Manitoba and North Western regions of Ontario which include the great Lake of the Woods region. With our Genius Retracting screen products we will also ship to most any location within Canada. Contact us for information or pricing for custom products. Like us on Facebook for more updates

GNT Milano Side

Retracting Door


Available in standard resizable kits or custom made. They have a sturdy Milano pull bar with Cast metal color matching adjustable height handles. The superior gliding system uses low friction technology which is easy to install and operate. As standard they include the speed reducer brakes which provides safety and controls retraction speed. Application hardware can be provided for both recessed as well as surface mount. Full length magnetic seal is the standard keeper and panels are available single or for double French operation. Charcoal colored standard cloth or optional fabric material. Our stocked Cassette is a slim 41mm size which is smaller than most to fit neatly into the recesses of your door. This unit is easy and quick to install after we size to your door specifications for you.

Milano 100 sizes up to 48" wide x 100" tall   call for pricing

Milano 200 sizes up to 90" wide x 100" tall

Milano 100 kit Website special: (up to 48" x 84") 

Milano 200 French Kit (up to 72"x 84") (Shown in Picture)

Surface Mount Installation Kits- 3'x7' | 6'x7'

For Installations and additional products sizing contact GNT Pro Service


GNT Sheer Advance

Pleated Side

Retracting Screen

This is our most elegant screen. The Pleated screen offers more wind resistance as well as it is a non-spring loaded operation. It is user friendly in that it stays where you leave it and moves with a gentle touch. The Smooth Operation has no bottom channels with the track installing flush and is wheel chair accessible. Self-adjusting to fit uneven openings comes with a full length magnetic keeper and is a breeze to install. A surface mount kit is an option item if you require it for your location. Contact us for orders. See Brochure

Single door up to 39"x90" 

Double door all in one panel 71"x 90"

    Single panel Sheer Advance for Double door Shown above                     Surface Mount kits   

GNT Cascade Top

Retracting Window


The Cascade is a top vertical retracting screen for most any window application. They are typically mounted to the interior for Casements and awning operations, but many Slide windows do make it easy to go to the exterior as well as interior. Standard Cascade features include Speed reducer (brake),18x16 charcoal screen fabric, adjustable handles Pull cord( Fob) for discretionary use on taller applications. Cassette colors include White, Brownstone (stocked) optional Adobe, Desert Tan, or wood trimmed kit so it can be site color matched to your wood window application. (Other Optional Fabrics Also Available) Maximum size available is 70” W x 90” For more information and pricing Contact us 

GNT Sierra 800

by Genius for

Larger Openings


Retractable screens are the ideal solution for enclosing a Porch, Lanai, Gazebo, Garage or any opening up to 192" wide x 96" tall. Genius screens stay out of sight in their form-fitting cassette until needed. No spring cleaning! Simply pull down your new Genius retractable screen and enjoy the outdoors! Standard features include 18x16 screen fabric, Manual pull chain, White, Brownstone stocked ,and Adobe for special order. Optional screen Fabrics available which may decrease height maximums. Contact us for additional sizes and information and additional sized pricing, or view the Brochure 

Stocked 9 ' x 8' Stock Sierra 800 Kit with cord pull sized for you or unsized 9'x 8' Kit  Special Price $175.00 stock only. Standard Price $325.00

GNT Olympic Screens

Olympic Motorized

and Manual Screens

The Olympic retractable screen allows for natural ventilation of openings up to 10 feet tall and 19 feet wide! Available in a manual version with pull chain or Our Olympic motorized Screen with a portable and easy-to-use remote control. This Screen boasts the neatest of designs and does not have the typical large unsightly box design most competitors are seen to have. The Olympic has a smooth operation and will function for many years to come. For single or multiple units on your site 1, 6, or 16 Channel handheld remotes receivers are available. This is a special made to order product for your convenience. For technical information- See Brochure

GNT Classic

Sheer Pleated

Screen for

Large Openings

Elegance is the word that defines the new Sheer Screen Classic from Genius. Always an innovator, GNT brings you design, style and complete practicality. Fully Assembled pre- cut made to order screen panels are ready to install. This product is self-adjusting to fit uneven openings and is wheel chair friendly with flat bottom guides. The elegant pleated screen folds away quickly and has greater wind resistance than smooth screen systems. Openings up to 40 feet wide x 125 inches tall this is simply the best universal design to accommodate most any opening required. Screens simply remove for seasonal storage without any tools, and the low maintenance screen is protected with aluminum housing. Die-cast metal handles look and feel great. All are custom ordered for your specifications and can be installed by most handy-man personnel. Colors available are White, Black, Adobe, Brownstone, and Tan. Contact GNT | Premium Windows & Doors for supply pricing as well as available installation pricing. More information? Contact us  New! Ask us about the New Zig Zag Screen for Larger Openings. These are available One panel up to 196 Inches wide. Custom sized to your Opening 

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