GNT Premium Windows

GNT Windows deals with high quality manufacturers of windows. Our products are for discerning individuals and select architects who want to bring home building to new levels of design and energy efficiency. GNT's product suppliers begin with the finest materials and are crafted with great care and attention to detail. You can rest assured that they are vigorously tested to exceed industry standards for efficiency and performance. For over twenty years our customers have come to appreciate the thoughtful engineering and design flexibility that GNT offers them. You too will appreciate the difference quality makes. We offer many different configurations, colours and species, chances are if you can think it we can do it. 

Kolbe Ultra Series

Extruded Aluminum Exterior

Ultra Series products have extruded aluminum cladding on the exterior, standing up to even the harshest weather conditions. The aluminum includes a percentage of recycled aluminum billet, which helps to meet the requirements of sustainable design projects. The extruded aluminum trim is low maintenance, yet offers detailed styling similar to wood windows.

Trim Choices

Accessory grooves are integral to the extruded clad frames, allowing the addition of aluminum accessories. Many trims are available, such as 1-15/16" or 3" profiled brickmould, historic brickmould and sill nosing, Pavilion brickmould, extended sill nosing, ogee trim, flat casing with or without a backband, mull covers and more. Orders for customized casing are welcome as well.

30 Color Choices

Over 30 color options provide a wide array of choices for GNT Ultra Series windows and doors. Custom colors are available.

Fluropolymer Finish

70% PVD fluoropolymer is an exceptional finish which maintains its film integrity and retains the color and gloss, as proven by the 30-year warranty extended directly to the homeowner. Fluoropolymer finish meets the performance requirements of AAMA 2605-05 -- the most stringent testing procedures for organic coatings on aluminum extrusions.

Real Wood Interior

The luxurious wood interiors of Ultra Series windows and doors are carefully crafted with Pine. Other wood species are available, such as Alder, Fir, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Bamboo*, Lyptus, and many more.

Optional Anodized Finishes

Anodized finishes provide a unique, metallic shine by electrolytically coating the surface with an oxide film.* They are available by special order in several preselected colors or custom colors. Added charges and longer lead times may apply.

Ultra Series Crank-Out EP Casements

At GNT, we recommend Kolbe Ultra Series. Crank-Out Casements, awnings, XL awnings are an excellent solution/option when designers prefer versatility in design and aesthetics. They are available in HK LoE dual or triple insulated glass. For projects where high energy criteria demands are specified, we recommend an upgrade to the Ultra EP series, which are built heavier, using HK LoE triple pane glass. The triple pane glass and construction meets the energy demands of Canada's C and D zones. This is our most popular line of windows and can incorporate contemporary designs, featuring direct set or other slim-build lines. They are versatile, as well, when optioned with our divided lites to replicate designs of your choice.

Double/Single Hung Windows

If your project requires double hung Slide windows to maintain the traditional integrity of your project, we recommend the Sterling or the Traditional series. For higher energy demands, Sterling would be your choice, but for your cottage, our Traditional line is a budget friendly alternative. This meets the aesthetic of double hung windows, while achieving better energy efficiency than the old single pane glass windows they are replacing.

Commercial Series Products

While most of our Ultra products meet and exceed commercial requirements, we do build a Majesta Double hung for commercial applications. This window is available up to 6 ft wide and 10 plus feet high; dual glazed or 1-3/8” triple IG. It is primarily designed for the larger commercial applications found in our older high rise downtown structures. More specific details available upon request.The personal, professional service members at GNT will help you meet the aesthetic, energy and performance needs required for your residential or commercial project.

Kolbe Vista Luxe Series

Compliment Your Design

Create an opening that complements your design with the VistaLuxe™ Collection from Kolbe. Collaboratively developed with architects for contemporary designs that utilize clean lines and multiple units to create large expanses of glass, the VistaLuxe Collection allows you to create an opening as unique as your project. An extruded aluminum exterior provides low-maintenance durability, while a wood interior proves modern design can be warm and organic.

Harmonious Flexibility

Appealing to design-savvy homeowners, the VistaLuxe Collection gives architects the flexibility to harmoniously combine multiple units into unique, compatible configurations, while maintaining symmetry and sightlines. VistaLuxe Collection windows and doors are designed to be mulled together, combining function and style while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. An industry-leading frame-to-daylight-opening ratio lets the view take center stage through these sleek, sophisticated windows and doors.

Custom Capabilities

Kolbe is well-known for our custom capabilities and for our collaboration with many architects to build unique windows and doors. So, whether you’re envisioning VistaLuxe windows or doors in a special wood species, looking to create a custom color, or planning an unusual configuration, we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your needs. 30 plus Standard Colors 70% PVDF fluoropolymer finishes 13 70% PVDF fluoropolymer exterior finish with mica flakes (Metallic like finish) options 7 Anodized Exterior finish options

The VistaLuxe Collection offers:

  • Consistent profiles between multiple window and door types
  • Precise vertical and horizontal alignment on both the interior and the exterior
  • Glass that remains on the same plane across different products
  • A reduced visible frame for an increased viewing area

Kolbe Heritage Series

Real Wood Exterior

Carefully crafted by experienced artisans, Heritage Series wood windows and doors in all operations offer the timeless charm of old-world architecture. To ensure lasting beauty, the exterior wood parts are preservative-treated, then factory-primed for painting on the job site. Many exterior trim profiles are available to create a stunning architectural statement. Custom brickmould, trims,and EP Triple Pane Sash may be specified as well.

Real Wood Interior

The fine wood interiors of Heritage Series products are crafted with Pine. To complement furniture or other interior decor, a wide variety of wood species are available, such as Alder, Fir, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany, Bamboo*, Lyptus, and many more.

High Performance Exterior Finish

An extensive offering of over 30 K-Kron II colors are available. Traditional homes and store-fronts often feature bright colors, with sash in one color and frames in another color. GNT can help select colors that either blend with a neighborhood's architectural style or stand out to present dramatic curb-appeal. K-Kron II resists ultraviolet deterioration and chalking, chemical attack, as well as damage from salt, wind, sleet and snow. As proof, a 10-year Manufacturer’s warranty is extended directly to the homeowner. The K-Kron II three-step exterior finishing system follows WDMA T.M. 12-2000 guidelines.

Maximizing Performance with Installation

Installation of windows and doors is key to their performance. Installation clips are available for top-quality installation that does not require nailing through the exterior trim and help meet required design pressures.

Heritage Series Sterling Double Hungs

Sterling double hung windows are an excellent product for an historical or traditional renovation. The luxurious wood is not obscured by vinyl jamb liners or excessive hardware. Locks and tilt latches conveniently operate from a single multi-function lever.

Retractable Screen Kits

Available for all Heritage, Classic and the Ultra series; screens can be conveniently rolled out-of-sight when not in use.

Kolbe Classic Series

Roll-formed Aluminum Clad Exterior

When a project needs to emphasize simplicity with a streamlined appearance, Classic Series windows and doors are a natural choice. The Roll-formed aluminum clad exteriors of Classic Series products are protected by low maintenance aluminum cladding which fits tightly to the exterior wood frame and sash.

Real Wood Interior

The beautiful wood interiors of Classic Series windows and doors are carefully crafted with Pine. Other species are available such as Alder, Fir, Oak, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Mahogany and more.

Copper Clad French Casement

Copper cladding is a custom option for Classic Series products. Like aluminum, it is roll-formed to fit tightly to the wood frame. It can be finished to retain its lustrous shine, or it can be left to form a mellow patina a timelessness characteristic of fine architecture. This French casement has a double-wide opening. That is, the two sash are housed in one frame with no mull post between them to obscure the opening. Outswing French casements are available as Ultra, Heritage and Classic Series units; inswing French casements are available as Heritage Series all-wood units. Radius-top French casements are also available for a stunning style statement.

Polyester Exterior Finish

A handful of colors have been popular choices for the exterior of windows and doors for centuries -- so we offer them on Classic Series products. Baking cures the polyester finish, helping it resist marring and fading while increasing weatherability and ensuring that the colors remain vibrant over time. This low maintenance finish is backed by a 20-year warranty.

Kolbe Teutonic Series

Tilt & Turn

The Kolbe Teutonic™ Series is available for Certified Commercial or Residential as a tilt-turn, Direct Set Picture product or combination there-of. The tilt-turn window has been extremely popular in Europe for over 50 years, and is being used more extensively throughout North America and the rest of the world. The specialized hardware system allows the sash to tilt inward at the top of the window to provide secure ventilation, or turn into the room, providing a wide opening for even more ventilation or emergency egress.

Unique Features

The hardware wraps completely around the sash, providing multiple locking points between the sash and frame. Another unique feature of the tilt-turn is that it can be manufactured as a hopper (tilt only) unit, only allowing ventilation from the top. The operating Tilt & Turn windows can have Direct-set Picture incorporated in most any mull configuration. Insulated Glass options are available as per any of our windows products be it in Dual or Triple configurations.

Colors - ( Integral uPVC colors )

  • White
  • Beige
  • Sand
  • Standard exterior foil laminate colors

Kolbe Latitude Vinyl Series

Extruded PVC interior and exterior

Unlike builder-grade vinyl windows, Latitude Series windows and patio doors are profiled with an elegance similar to wood windows & doors. They are often used for specific applications in homes and blend well with any wood or aluminum clad windows and doors that may surround them.Multiple chambers provide strength & a thermal barrier, encouraging draft-free comfort. Nailing fins around the frame encourage accurate, secure installation in new construction. The nailing fin can be removed at the factory to accommodate replacement or quality renovation projects.

Polyurethane Exterior Finish Options

White and beige are colors integral to the vinyl and, therefore, will never need refinishing. For a color splash, a heat-reflective polyurethane coating is available in over 20 colors. This high quality finish is made specifically for vinyl and is backed by a 10-year warranty extended to the homeowner.

Interior Wood-Appearance Finish Options

As with the exterior color options, choosing Latitude Series products does not equate to limiting the interior decor options. Three realistic wood-appearance options are available to complement the character of any interior. Options include Cherry, Sunset Oak and Wheat. Plus, a white laminate wrap is available for the interior of beige windows and patio doors.

Having experience with the local climate and expertise with local building practices and design trends, GNT can recommend the right window styles, shapes and colors of windows and doors for any home or business. This environmentally-friendly home displays a variety of Latitude Series single sliders, casements and awnings, as well as both operating and stationary segment-head and half-circle top windows. As a focal point, the home is further enriched by a homey Heritage Series wood Craftsman door.

Kolbe Windquest

Extreme Weather


Energy Performance Certified

Windquest energy performance (EP) windows meet superior energy ratings perfect for Canada's harsh climate. The triple-pane casements and awnings can reach a .17 U value, achieve exceptional air infiltration values, as well as a design pressure of 50. Windquest Series windows and doors are constructed of extruded PVC inside and out. Construction options are available to meet specific structural performance and/or energy needs. Windquest Series impact certified (IP) products meet high velocity wind requirements; the glass can be optioned with laminated interlayer to prevent shattered glass from scattering and to reach better STC ratings for air traffic zones which require better Sound Transmission ratings . Windquest high performance (HP) products withstand high design pressures, casement models can meet a Performance Grade of DP90. Numerous optional exterior color options are available as they are in our Latitude line of products.